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MIPP and Local Buy: A Perfect Fit

Queensland councils will soon receive advice on the outcome of applications submitted for phase 2 of the Queensland Government’s Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline Program (MIPP 2). MIPP is overseen by the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDSMIP). It will provide $22 million in grant funding to local governments to directly engage a professional service provider to undertake:

· strategic planning of infrastructure

· development of a business cases and/or detailed design for specific projects

Local Buy prequalified supplier arrangements are ideally suited for the delivery of these services, they allow councils to obtain rapid pricing of their project requirements, and engage their selected prequalified supplier with agreed rates, under council friendly terms and conditions.

Local Buy arrangements particularly suited to MIPP include:

· Engineering & Environmental Consultancy Services (BUS262)

· Planning, Design and Architectural Services (BUS245)

· Project Management Consultancy Services (BUS254)

· Business Management Services (BUS249)

For more information please contact Local Buy on (07) 3000 2115, or email the relevant Category Manager(s):

· Aileen Carrol – BUS245 & BUS249 (e:

· Pat McCormack – BUS262 & BUS254 (e: