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Local Buy helps alleviate the need for open market tenders by managing the procurement compliance burden on behalf of all Local Government agencies.

All Local Buy arrangements are compliant with the Local Government Regulations 2012 and Local Government Act 2009 and provide Local Government entities with the assurance that all suppliers are vetted and compliant based on a comprehensive tender, evaluation and approval process.

Purchasing through a Local Buy prequalified supply arrangement negates the need for Councils to go through the formal tender process.  There is also no financial minimum or maximum spend applicable within the arrangements

Our Local Buy Contracts and Suppliers list is updated every fortnight.


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Planning, Surveying, Design & Architectural Services | BUS 265

Contract details:


This Local Buy arrangement provides a choice of service providers who have a strong regional and local presence, thereby promoting the development of competitive local business and industry.

The contract commenced on 1 February 2019 for a three-year term with two (2) 12 month optional extensions. Refresh and extensions will be at Local Buy's sole discretion.

Contract categories and sub-categories include:

Planning Services:

  • Urban Development             
  • Regional & Rural Planning
  • Statutory Planning
  • Infrastructure & Services Planning
  • Transport Planning 
  • Social & Community-Based Planning
  • Heritage & Conservation Planning
  • Neighbourhood & Urban Renewal
  • Development Assessment & Land Use
  • Estimation and Quantity Surveying
  • Building Certification
  • Expert Witness

Surveying Services:

  • Land & Cadastral Surveying
  • Engineering Surveying
  • Hydro-graphic Surveying Services
  • Mapping Surveying
  • Geographic Information Systems

Design and Architectural Services:

  • Commercial Architectural Design
  • Residential Architectural Design
  • Public & Institutional Architectural Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Conservation & Preservation of Built Environment
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management of Building Form
  • Urban Design & Public Realm


Local Buy Contact: Aileen Carrol