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Local Buy helps alleviate the need for open market tenders by managing the procurement compliance burden on behalf of all Local Government agencies.

All Local Buy arrangements are compliant with the Local Government Regulations 2012 and Local Government Act 2009 and provide Local Government entities with the assurance that all suppliers are vetted and compliant based on a comprehensive tender, evaluation and approval process.

Purchasing through a Local Buy prequalified supply arrangement negates the need for Councils to go through the formal tender process.  There is also no financial minimum or maximum spend applicable within the arrangements

Our Local Buy Contracts and Suppliers list is updated every fortnight.


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Recruitment Vendor Neutral Managed Services – Temporary Staff | BUS259-0816 (A)

Local Buy has signed a Framework Agreement with Comensura Pty Ltd as a sole Preferred Supplier Arrangement to provide Temporary Recruitment Vendor Neutral Managed under BUS259-0816 (A).  

Comensura Pty Ltd are not a recruitment staffing organisation and are entirely supplier-neutral.  All current suppliers will be presented with an opportunity to grow their businesses with the Local Government Purchasers they currently supply to. 

The Comensura model is supported by an online software and business management system called ‘’ which simplifies and streamlines the management of temporary workers.   It enables online engagement and candidate selection, timesheet management, consolidated invoicing as well as reporting and account management and support.   Local Buy Council Purchasers will transition to the system between now and December bringing many benefits, and enabling you to:  

  • Hire contracted workers through an accessible online platform, with on call support;

  • Reduce the administrative workload associated with hiring and managing temporary workers;

  • Drive best practices in engaging temporary workers;

  • Approve temporary worker timesheets quickly and consistently, even if they’re engaged through different recruitment agencies;

  • Produce automated reports to understand the spend on your temporary workforce, allowing for greater strategic decision making and workforce planning.

  • Produce hard and soft savings for your Council.

  • Utilise Queensland based Comensura staff to provide additional support for your hiring community.