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Your Procurement Partner

Local Buy is a leader in the provision of procurement and probity services to the whole of government.

Our team of procurement specialists understand the critical pathways of the procurement process.

Being government-owned, Local Buy has a clear understanding of our client’s needs and the increasing scrutiny governments’ face in procurement and probity.

Local Buy offers a range of services including streamlining procurement processes, providing extensive pre-approved supplier lists and providing ongoing support including probity.

Local Buy’s strict prequalified supplier process effectively means that government can access a range of goods and services through a quotation rather than a tender process.

Local Buy also offers an electronic tendering system and a managed tender service, whereby government can effectively outsource their tendering activities.

Local Buy can also act as a probity advisor on strategic or high risk procurements.

Local Buy was established by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) to meet the needs of government with the procurement process.

Since 1997, Local Buy has helped to reduce the risk, time and costs associated with internal procurement processes for our government clients.

Our reputation is built on a proud legacy of working together with local and state government in Queensland. 

Local Buy has expanded our reach and now work closely with councils in both Northern Territory and Tasmania. 

Our Clients

Local Buy is committed to helping the following organisations reduce the risk, time and costs associated with the procurement process:

  • Queensland local government
  • Queensland State government
  • Local government owned corporations
  • Local government in other states
  • Statutory bodies
  • Universities
  • Federal government
  • Not-for-Profit organisations