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This contract is an NPN arrangement is available to Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Victorian local government organisations.  Following is a guide of goods and services offered under this arrangement but not limited to:

Clothing, Accessories and Footwear

  • Protective Footwear
  • Hand Protection (gloves and gauntlets)
  • Headwear (general)
  • Trousers, shorts and accessories
  • Shirts
  • Jumpers, jackets, vests and accessories
  • Overalls
  • Wet weather clothing
  • Socks

Personal Protective Equipment

Additional Components:

  • Corporate logos and messaging
  • Fitting services - sampling packages and onsite services
  • Made to measure services for non-standard sizes
  • Alteration services
  • Stockholding
  • Kitting such as starter packs
  • Consultation, technical support and training


Local Buy Contact: Aileen Carrol