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Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem - Your LGAQ Investing in Local Government Procurement In 2020

As you will be aware, there was a recent announcement by the CEO of Local Government Association of Queensland, Greg Hallam, that Local Buy will be partnering with LGAQ to deliver a significant investment in procurement for all 77 Queensland councils. In case you missed it here is the link.

What is the scope of the investment? At the core, the investment in the Nex Gen Procurement Ecosystem is bringing known and proven technology together in an innovative way to offer an integrated and free procurement platform for council and suppliers. This free ecosystem provides simplicity in facilitating all your procurement activities to support local and deliver value, better understand your risk and deliver  confidence in relation to your procurement processes.  

To do this Nex Gen will bring together a:
  • Procurement Portal: to allow access to all procurement systems, tools, data, the sharing of knowledge within and between councils, so that anyone who needs to make a purchase can do so knowing your council requirements;
  • Procurement Platform: a standard system for suppliers and council to connect whether it be for a simple quote or a full open market tender with visibility of all agreements negotiated to obtain best value with the right local suppliers;
  • Data Analytics: dashboards and reports that allow you to make data-driven decisions about spend, suppliers and process whilst having the ability to respond to statutory and community requirements;
If you would like to discuss how Nex Gen Procurement  will work for you and your team or are in the process of making system procurement changes and would like to check the impact, please reach out directly to Peter Mifsud, CEO Local BUy on or to Sharon Ryan the Director of Nex Gen Procurement on