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BUS253 Civil Works: Marine, Water, Sewerage and Tunnelling

Local Buy’s BUS253 Civil Works: Marine, Water, Sewerage and Tunnelling arrangement includes construction, maintenance and repair of a wide range of water and sewerage infrastructure, including:

  • Pipe installation – Water & sewage distribution/reticulation
  • Water & sewage storage
  • Water & sewage treatment
  • Water & sewage pumping
  • Effluent reuse systems
  • SCADA & control systems
  • Marine & Waterway facilities
  • Dredging, stabilisation, piling, revetment & retaining walls
  • Microtunnelling and directional drilling

There are 46 prequalified suppliers that Purchasers can engage through a streamlined procurement process that meets all probity requirements.  Competitive pricing is obtained without the need for a tender, saving vital project time and money.

All suppliers have agreed to a suite of seven Local Buy amended construction contracts, ranging from Minor Works up to Australian Standard project construction contracts.  Councils select the appropriate contract for their project without need for negotiation with contractors over terms and conditions.

For more information please contact Pat McCormack, Local Buy’s Category Manager-Works,

on or 0447 083 438.