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Access prequalified suppliers

A number of not-for-profit and charitable organisations sourced goods and/or services from one or more Local Buy supply arrangements in 2015-2016, and this customer base is expected to grow.

As with Queensland Councils, not-for-profit organisations may access goods and services through pre-existing government supply arrangements, negating the need to conduct an open market tender.

At present not-for-profits can access more than 40 prequalified supply arrangements that Local Buy has established for Local Governments in Queensland. The Local Buy Contracts and Suppliers list details the extensive range of goods and services available, including consumables, fuel, consultant services and energy.

Reduce risk, save money

Prequalified supply arrangements enable not-for-profits to save time and reduce costs, through access to competitive quotes and staff costs. Improved contract quality and governance also are benefits of sourcing goods and services via Local Buy.

Access a large supply base

Access to Local Buy contracts allows State Government customers to access supply arrangements that may not be available at State Government level, as well as a large, geographically-dispersed supply base.

This is mainly because Local Buy’s supply arrangements cater primarily to Local Government functions, as well as a geographically spread Local Government customer base with a focus on developing competitive local business and industry. 

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