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Our procurement and probity specialists have a wealth of knowledge and technical experience that can provide our clients with an impartial view of procurement and associated activities, particularly where high values and project complexities increase probity risks. We are experienced at assisting local suppliers of goods and services to achieve prequalified supplier status for government panels, through Local Buy. 

Knowing how to proceed through the government probity and procurement process is something Local Buy specialists are well known for.  We understand probity and we understand procurement processes. We also understand the long-term reputational damage that probity breaches can bring to an organisation and to individuals. 

Our Probity Advisory Services include:

  • Probity Advice and Reviews
  • Review of RFP documentation
  • Attendance at Tender Evaluation Panel moderation/shortlisting meetings
  • Attendance Project Control Group (PCG) meetings
  • Review of materials that document the Panel's evaluaton against evaluation criteria\
  • Advising on probity issues as they arise
  • Contract Letting/Management Advice and Reviews
  • Probity Risk Management
  • Conflicts of Interest management
  • Document security
  • Auditing of procuement processes

The benefits in dealing with probity issues early:

  • Pre-empts possible probity issues 
  • Minimises potential for complaints by having an independent third party monitor the procurement process
  • Gives suppliers confidence in the procurement process
  • Contributes to accountability and transparency of processes.
  • Assists in ensuring overall procurement objectives are met
  • Removes ambiguities in the evaluation of proposals
  • Ensures procurement decisions are documented and defensible 
  • Minimises costly challenges in the future

Local Buy has two probity specialists:

Adam Ozdowski

Michael Byrne