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Local Buy’s core business is contracts; establishing common-use procurement arrangements for councils and government entities.  Purchasing using Local Buy contracts saves time and money and we are fully compliant with the Local Government Act 2009.

There is no cost to your organisation, risk is reduced and the RFQ process is sound and compliant with legislation. The Local Buy contract number, can quoted on your Request for Tender (RFT), Request for Quotation (RFQ) purchase order (PO) or letter of acceptance.

To issue and manage your RFQs online, register with Local Buy’s VendorPanel system.  It is a robust tool for creating consistent and structures RFQs.  It has the capacity to monitor your sourcing activities and download governance reports for probity.

Local Buy also provides managed tender services, probity audits, energy audits, procurement advisory and provision of template documentation (The Procurement guide 2010)