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Asset Management Services | BUS 252-0615

Contract Details:


This Local Buy arrangement includes the following catergories:

General Asset Management

  • Asset hierarchies
  • Asset management training
  • Asset numbering
  • Asset registers
  • Community consultation and needs assessment

Asset Valuation Services

Strategic Asset Management (SAM)

Strategic asset services relate to long term asset planning and development/review of:

  • Asset Management Plans;

  • Business Plans;

  • Cost / Benefit Analysis

  • Criticality assessment;

  • Asset renewal, sustainability and other ratios;

  • Economic analysis;

  • Financial Reporting;

  • Whole of life costings;

  • Feasibility Studies;

  • Financial models and funding needs;

  • Gap analysis;

  • Investment strategies;

  • ISO Compliance/Accreditation/Technical Standards/Legislation;

  • Level of service planning, assessments and review;

  • Performance assessment and benchmarking;

  • Strategy – development and/or review;

  • Policy – development and/or review;

  • Project prioritisation;

  • Resource allocation;

  • Risk assessment;

  • Service Standards

Tactical Assess Management (TAM)

Tactical asset services relate to medium to long term usage, performance and review of assets:

  • Condition assessment;

  • Custom agreements/contracts;

  • Deterioration models;

  • Failure models;

  • Maintenance review/audits;

  • Operational/process audits;

  • Pavement management;

  • Program development and scheduling;

  • Remaining life assessment.

Operational Asset Management (OAM)

Operational asset services relate to viable, practical delivery and operation of assets:

  • Asset costing;

  • Asset inspection, condition assessment & monitoring;

  • Asset decommissioning & disposal;

  • Remote or Aerial Asset Inspection (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drones etc;

  • Data capture and information modelling services;

  • Data conversion services;

  • Facility Management including outsourcing;

  • Operation and maintenance manuals;

  • Spatial data standards.



Local Buy contact: Aileen Carrol