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Legal Services | BUS 261-1116

Contract details:

Legal service requirements are varied and to assist Purchasers this arrangement is spilt into several broad categories which are listed:

Planning and Environment

This involves the representation of and advice to Purchasers on matters arising out of the Sustainable Planning Act/Planning Act, Building Act, Environmental Protection Act, the Planning Scheme and all other associated legislation, both State and Commonwealth, in relation to Planning, Environment and Transport issues.

General Contracts and Commercial Law Matters

This involves legal advice and representation in contractual, corporate, contract and procurement related matters, and all issues which are generally seen as being of a general contractual or commercial nature.

Property Law

This involves leases, licences, Land Act dealings, compulsory and negotiated acquistions

Employment and Industrial Relations

This involves advice (legal and technical) in relation to industrial relations matters and representing Purchasers in Courts exercising jurisdiction in industrial matters and industrial tribunals.

Regulatory/General Prosecutions

This involves all matters arising from legislation such as the Animal Management Act, Public Health Act, Food Act and local laws wherein Purchasers are deemed as the appropriate regulatory authority and is required to investigate and prosecute offences

General Litigation and Debt Recovery

This involves advising and representing Purchasers on matters relating to judicial review, class actions, trade practices compliance, insurance disputes, discrimination claims and all matters where a Purchaser as an organiation is challenged in its statuatory role.

Administrative Law and Governance

Matters relating to the Local Government Act 2009 and other legislation.  This area includes issues that may arise between Purchasers and various Commonwealth and State departments, such as the Obudsmen or Environmental Protection Authority.

Water Specific

Matters relating to water flow, supply and distribution

Native Title and Indigenous Law

Matters relating to Native Title and Indigenous Law

Construction and Infrastructure Law

Matters involving high value and/or high risk projects.


Local Buy Contact: Aileen Carrol