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This Local Buy arrangement provides Councils and other Purchases with access to a Panel of Prequalified Suppliers with proven capability to undertake their Road, Bridge, Civil Construction and Maintenance requirements.

All Purchasers can save considerable time and resources by seeking select quotes from a panel of Prequalified Suppliers, rather than undertaking a tender process, while meeting with Queensland Local Government Regulation purchasing obligations.  The full list of more than 80 Suppliers is available on VendorPanel along with their TMR PQC certificates, Insurance certificates, QA, WHS, Environmental certifications, and financial information.

The arrangement has two categories, with Suppliers appointed to either Tier 1 or Tier 2 depending on their Transport and Main Roads (TMR) prequalified status.  The Tier arrangements enable Purchasers to select the most appropriate contractors to quote on the work available:

Category 1: Supply of Road and Civil Construction and Associated Maintenance Services:

  • Tier 1 - Current Ausroads/Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Prequalified Contractors
  • Tier 2 - Non-Prequalified Contractors

Category 2: Road Resurfacing and Supply, Cart, Spray/Lay of Bitumen and Asphalt:

  • Tier 1 - Current TMR Prequalified Contractors and Certified Sprayers
  • Tier 2 - Non-Prequalified Contractors

All Suppliers have agreed to a suite of established contracts, including:

  • Minor Works - Low Risk
  • Minor Works - Medium Risk
  • Minor Works - Medium Risk Design and Construct
  • AS 2124
  • AS 2124 Design and Construct
  • AS4000
  • AS4902

Purchasers retain control of project specifications and can nominate sub-contractors, (including Council crews and Local companies), obtain unit pricing to support works program, or simply obtain bitumen products.

The contract has been established since 2014 and has been used by many Councils, including for major civil infrastructure projects.