Local Buy Probity

Local Buy is one of Australia’s leading providers of independent probity services to Queensland government entities.

We can provide you with an impartial view of procurement activities, assurance that the relevant probity issues have been adequately addressed, that the integrity of the project is sound, and that the evaluation recommendations are defensible.

Our probity specialists have a depth of knowledge and extensive experience with the procurement process, particularly with politically sensitive, complex, or multi-stage procurement processes.

Our reputation is built upon our independence, meticulousness and compliance with legislative requirements. We understand probity and we understand procurement processes. We also understand the long-term reputational damage that probity breaches can bring to an organisation and to individuals. 

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Local Buy Probity Staff

Our Probity Advisory Services include:

Probity Advice

Reviews of RFT documentation

Attendance at Tender Evaluation Panel moderation/shortlisting meetings

Review of materials that document the Panel's evaluation against evaluation criteria

Advising on probity issues as they arise

Probity risk management

Conflicts of Interest & Confidentiality management

Reviews of document security protocols

Probity presentations to staff

Auditing of procurement processes

Reasons to use an independent probity service:

Application of best practice to the procurement process

Assists in achieving intended procurement outcomes

Pre-empts possible compliance and conflict issues

Minimises potential for complaints by having an independent third party monitor the procurement process

Gives suppliers confidence in the procurement process

Contributes to accountability and transparency of processes

Assists in ensuring overall procurement objectives are met

Ensures procurement decisions are documented and defensible

Minimises the risk of costly legal challenges in the future