Road, Water, Sewerage & Civil Works

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Road, Water, Sewerage & Civil Works
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Pat McCormack
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The BUS270 arrangement provides Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania councils and approved purchasers with access to a wide range of prequalified suppliers with the capacity to deliver civil construction projects across the states.

It provides a streamlined procurement process, allowing purchasers to obtain competitive pricing from competent, reliable suppliers through a select Request for Quote rather than an open tender for engagement of any value (including over $200k), resulting in significant time and cost savings.

The range of civil construction services are categorised below:

  • Road Construction and Maintenance
  • Road Resurfacing
  • Guardrail and Road Safety Barriers
  • Line Marking
  • Traffic Management
  • Pipework Installation
  • Pipe Relining & Rehabilitation
  • Water & Waste Treatment
  • Marine
  • General Civil Construction

Purchasers have a choice of Local Buy amended contractor engagement contracts, depending on their individual project requirements:

  • Minor Works – Low Risk
  • Minor Works – Medium Risk
  • Minor Works – Medium Risk ‐ Design & Construct
  • AS2124
  • AS2124 ‐ Design & Construct
  • AS4000
  • AS4902

Purchasers maintain control of project documentation, can nominate sub-contractors (including council crews), obtain period pricing or obtain road materials (asphalt, bitumen) only.

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