Recruitment Services - Permanent

Contract Name
Recruitment Services - Permanent
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BUS 259-0816 (B)
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None Left
Category Manager
Aileen Carrol
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Under BUS259 (A) Local Buy has a framework agreement with Comensura (as a preferred supplier) to provide Recruitment Managed Services for Temporary Staff via a number of sourcing options.

Comensura are a leading provider of innovative managed solutions supplying a broad range of skilled and unskilled temporary workers through a network of over 3500 recruitment agencies.

This contract offers three models of engagement via Comensura’s system.

  • Option 1: Classic – Full Managed Service

This model is supported by the full system web-based integrated tool that will connect you, your agency and your workers to provide visibility of all transactions including online timesheets, invoice consolidation and a suite of reports to support your business.

  • Option 2: Adaptive Model

This model, whilst supported by the system, can be tailored to suit your individual recruitment requirements, following consultation with Comensura.

  • Option 3: Essential

This newly developed model is for ad-hoc or less complex labour hiring and can be accessed via VendorPanel, our on-line request for quote portal.  It enables managers to self-serve or work alongside existing local agencies whilst providing compliance to legislative procurement and purchasing, electronic timesheets, invoice consolidation and management of agency spend.

These three cloud-based options are designed to facilitate legislative compliance when sourcing temporary staff, including those from local recruiting agencies.   The system is an intuitive, easy to use tool which can be tailored to suit your individual council requirements, and offers the following benefits:

  • Compliance to legislative procurement and purchasing under the Local Government Act 2009 & Local Government Regulations 2012
  • Electronic time sheeting
  • Invoice consolidation – one per month
  • Visibility, process efficiency and audit trail
  • Cost control
  • Management of agency spend
  • Reporting to support your recruitment needs.

For further information contact Aileen Carrol, Category Manager, Commodities & Consultancy Services, or 0408 799 781, or your relevant Customer Relationship Manager:

Liz Macfarlan – South Queensland                        0455 066 829 or

Lateesha Reid – Central Queensland                     0427 985 120 or

Audrey Dobell – North Queensland                       0476 819 963 or

Catherine Mahoney – State Government              0427 811 683 or

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