Recruitment Managed Services - Permanent

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Recruitment Services - Permanent
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Michael Franzmann
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The BUS259 contract provides purchasers in Queensland with access and choice of 63 pre-qualified suppliers.  


It provides a streamlined procurement process, allowing purchasers to obtain competitive pricing from competent, reliable suppliers through a select Request for Quote rather than an open tender for engagement of any value, resulting in significant time and cost savings.


The following list of categories and sub-categories reflect the typical range of professions and trades sought by Local Government purchasers:

  • Executive Management Services Category
  • Professional Services Category
    • Financial Services and Asset Management (Reporting)
    • Governance
    • Marketing, Media and Public Relations
    • Human Resources, Organisational Development and Training
    • Legal
    • Information Technology
    • Town Planning
    • Environmental Health and Land Management
    • Engineering and Asset Management (Infrastructure)
    • Spatial Technology
    • Community, Cultural and Economic Development
    • Community Education and Community Health
    • Youth and Community Recreation
  • Administration/Clerical Services Category
    • Administration and Customer Services
    • Compliance
  • Trades, Works and Labour Services Category
    • Building & Plumbing
    • Trades and Technical
    • Asset Maintenance, Construction and Infrastructure
    • Miscellaneous
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