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Northern Territory Participation

Following a presentation by Peak Services Managing Director Brent Reeman in to NT Councils, our Regional Client Relationship Manager Emma Peters was invited to attend the Asset Management Forum in Alice Springs on 29 August.


Thirteen councils were represented at the forum and the attendees were a mix of Finance, Corporate and Community Services and Infrastructure and Works Officers. 


The Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs and   representatives from LGANT (Local Government Association of Northern Terrioty) were also present.


Emma gave the group background on Local Buy and how they we can assist councils to streamline their procurement process. The tender threshold in Northern Territory is $100,000 including GST, therefore the tender process is required more often than in Queensland where the tender threshold is $200,000 plus GST.


LGANT are party to 18 of Local Buy's 37 contract arrangements and for these contracts, the need to tender is negated.


Emma will now work closely with Northern Territory councils to increase the awareness of Local Buy in the business community and increase the number of Northern Territory based suppliers on Local Buy panels.


LGANT are keen to encourage greater use of Local Buy to assist councils with governance and to allow council officers to become more efficient in their procurement.