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Retail Electricity Services Arrangement Now Open

The Retail Electricity Services for Large Metered NMIs BUS 237-0313 arrangement is currently out to market however is not an open tender, therefore only the electricity retailers who have been successful in being on the Local Buy panel for large metered sites will be invited to tender.

This arrangement is the largest joint council tender in Queensland covering 14 councils and the LGAQ and includes 184 gigawatt hours of power annually.

Detailed half hourly data over a whole year is provided so that retailers can correctly profile the usage of this very large joint customer and hence provide the best retail prices.     

Electricity tenders are very complex, but Local Buy makes it easy for the councils by collating all the data and managing the process for them.

Local Buy also has made significant savings in the ‘network area’ of electricity billing.  The network components comprise a substantial portion of the electricity bills and while they are non-contestable they still need to be monitored and analysed to ensure those associated component costs are kept to a minimum.  Local Buy is one of the very few organisations which actively monitors both the retail and network aspects of electricity accounts so that their customers pay the minimum amount possible for electricity.

This tender closes on 19 October.