Significant Weather Events - Local Buy supporting your recovery teams.


A record 11 natural disasters caused widespread damage across Queensland in the past year. These have significantly impacted homes, roads, public infrastructure and businesses and caused distress to our communities. The ability to respond and action swift recovery methods whilst ensuring compliance to procurement legislation and policies can be challenging. This is where Local Buy can assist.

When it comes to the recovery and rebuilding of our affected areas, Queensland councils and communities do what we do best and roll up the sleeves.

If your local council needs to rebuild a library, repair and reseal roads for public safety or start the undertaking that is removing debris due to weather events, Local Buy arrangements can assist you in making this process quicker and easier for your community at their time of need whilst ensuring transparency and compliance in the procurement process.  

From our Roads and Civil Arrangement to Open Spaces and Smart Cities, the use of these arrangements will give council ease of delivery, correct application of funding towards recovery and assistance to rebuild your local community.

What contracts and services could be of assistance to council during these events?

Local Buy Contract

Categories (including but not limited to)

Road, Water, Sewerage and Civil BUS270

  • Construction, installation and repair of roads, bridges, culverts etc.
  • Barriers and Temp Hazard Protection
  • Traffic Control
  • Pipework installation and repair
  • Water and waste treatment 
  • Marine, Shoreline and Bank Stabilisation

Engineering & Environmental Consultancy BUS262

  • Risk Assessment
  • Logistics and Planning
  • Temporary Facilities Construction
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Co-ordination and Management of Multiple teams
  • Waste Disposal, Water Quality, Flora and Fauna Assessments

Waste Collections Goods & Services C002/11

  • Collection / processing of recycling
  • Skips, Waste and Street Cleaning
  • Collection and processing of bulk waste, specific materials and green waste 
  • Public and Hygiene Waste

Open Spaces, Parks and Recreation BUS267

  • Public Amenities Rebuild/replacement
  • Street Lighting, Pathway lighting and Poles
  • Retaining walls, modular structures and pre-fab
  • Signage

Smart Cities NPN2.18

  • Drones and Unmanned vehicles
  • Transport and logistics
  • Community Safety and monitoring
  • Utilities Management

Corporate Clothing and PPE BUS271

  • Hi Vis and Fire retardant clothing
  • Safety shoes, gumboot
  • Hard hats and Hand Protection
  • Face and Body Protection


Your Customer Relationship Managers:

 North and Far North Queensland

 Audrey Dobell

 0476 819 963

 Central Queensland

 Lateesha Reid

 0427 985 120

 Southern Queensland

 Liz Macfarlan

 0455 066 829

 Tasmania and Northern Territory 

 Catherine Mahoney

 0427 811 683

Use of existing Local Buy LGA Arrangements is allowed during the caretaker period provided no new contract is entered into greater than a council’s legislated value (greater of $200k or 1% of net rates and utility charges).