Community Centre Construction - a probity case study


In early 2020, Local Buy provided Probity Services for the procurement of the construction of a major community centre. The objective in engaging Local Buy to provide probity advice was to ensure that the procurement process was robust and fair, meeting all legislative and policy requirements. Owen West was the Senior Probity Specialist appointed to this project.

A previous centre had been demolished and this project was for the construction of a replacement. 

The project challenges included considerations of local suppliers, plus a very tight timing schedule for the release of the tender, evaluation, and then approval.

The deliverables for the Probity Advisory services included:

  • Perusal of the original RFT documentation, including the Specification
  • Review of the Probity Plan and the Evaluation Plan
  • Ensuring that Confidentiality and Conflicts Disclosure Agreements were signed by all persons involved, and addressing any conflict issues
  • Provision of a probity briefing to the evaluation panel and to prospective tenderers at the tender briefing
  • Attendance at the moderated evaluation meeting
  • Review and advice on the Recommendation Report
  • Preparation of Probity Report
  • Adhoc Probity Advice

The probity issues included some details in the specifications that were potentially confusing for prospective tenderers, evaluation procedures within the very tight timetable, some legal issues around a development application, and the shortlisting procedures. There was also a wide divergence of tendered prices, making the evaluation of construction capability a key issue.

These issues were extensively worked through to achieve good outcomes for the client that met all probity and legislative requirements.