Read Testimonials from our clients below:

As a small Council, having Local Buy as our backup for all things purchasing has been invaluable. 

We appreciate that each Customer Relationship Manager has taken the time to understand not only who we are, but how we operate best. 

This approach has given us the support to identify gaps, streamline our approach and ensure we get the best for our community. 

Katherine Costa
Procurement Officer
Longreach Regional Council. 


Using Local Buy has enabled the Council to reduce the time taken to procure goods and services.  By using Local Buy prequalified suppliers there is security in the knowledge that goods and services obtained are the highest standard and cost effective.  The support and experience provided by Local Buy have enabled the procurement team to improve all aspects of purchasing.

Des Howard
Chief Executive Officer
Blackall-Tambo Regional Council


Being in a remote locality and a small city like Mount Isa, procurement has an added degree of difficulty and we must always be attentive to the requirements laid out in the Queensland Local Government Act, Regulations and Council’s own Procurement policy.
Working with the Local Buy team as a procurement partner has greatly reduced the procurement risk while also assisting to extend greater opportunities for remote local business’s.

I consider Local Buy as a Procurement partner and know I can gain excellent professional guidance from their category specialists, procurement Director and the Customer Relationship Manger – North Queensland, when dealing with a complex procurement related issue.

Prior to my arrival at Mount Isa City Council there had never been a procurement professional in the organisation. Local Buy are a great support and partner during the establishment of the centre-led procurement function.

Richard J Azar
Procurement Analyst
Mount Isa City Council

Southern Downs Regional Council has been using Local Buy for over 10 years. Local Suppliers are very important to SDRC and we encourage local supplier engagement wherever they are considered the most suitable for Council’s needs. Local Buy offers Council a convenient and efficient way to source suppliers from their existing panel arrangements in an easy to used, convenient platform supported by comprehensive contracts. Council looks forward to seeing more local suppliers on board with Local Buy to be able ot make the most of these arrangements while supporting the local economy.

Samantha O'Neil 
Contracts and Procurement Coordinator
Southern Downs Regional Council