Small and Regional Business' Support Package

Local Buy has listened to the needs of suppliers and councils and is providing crucial support to regional communities.

We want to make it as easy as possible for small, local businesses to get more work so that they can get back on their feet sooner.

The Small and Regional Business’ Support Package will provide financial relief for small business suppliers that are already listed on Local Buy’s panels, as well as those that join through the refresh of our current panels.

We are waiving the first-year annual administration fee and offering a rebate credit for work performed and invoiced in Quarter 1 (July to September) of the 2020–21 financial year to provide financial relief to small businesses who qualify during this difficult time.

To be eligible you will need to be a business that has less than 20 full time equivalent employees (including FT, PT, casual and sub-contractors used on a permanent, semi- permanent or regular basis), or have annual turnover of less than $2m (forecast for financial year 2019-20).

The package includes:
  • The waiving of your administration fees due in the 2020-21 Financial Year (usually $600 plus GST).
  • A three-month waiver on rebates payable for work  performed and invoiced for Queensland customers (including councils, government owned corporations, state government and not for profits) between July and September 2020 (Q1).
How do I apply?

To apply for the Small and Regional Business’ Support Package please complete the online form which can be found below.

When do I need to apply by?

To be eligible you must have applied and meet the criteria through the online form by 30 September 2020.

Do I still need to report?

Yes, suppliers must still complete reporting but if approved for the support package, will not be charged for the eligible rebates reported.

If my organisation is approved for the package and my organisation is on multiple panels, will the package apply to all panels?

Yes, if you are approved for the package, the administration fee and waiver on rebates will apply to all panels your organisation is on. Similarly, if you apply for any new arrangements in the 2020-21 Financial Year the package will be applied.

Which type of staff are included in the 20 FTE threshold?
  • All employees (permanent, part-time and casual) and sub-contractors (used on a permanent, semi-permanent or regular basis).
  • A sub-contractor usually has a flexible scope of work which can be increased/decreased as required and may provide work for other organisations. Sub-contractors provide services under the direct and regular supervision of your company.
To which Financial Year does the $2M forecast turnover apply?

The forecast turnover relates to the 2019-20 financial year.

What evidence do I need to supply that I meet the FTE or financial threshold?

Your organisation’s Director, External Accountant or Internal Finance Manager must sign a copy of the Eligibility Statement and upload it as part of the online application process. Local Buy reserves the right to audit a supplier’s eligibility at any time.

If I am a new supplier as part of the refresh, when do I apply for the package?

You may apply for the package once you are successfully appointed to a Local Buy panel, before 30 September 2020.

What if my business has been affected by COVID-19 but does not meet the eligibility criteria?

Local Buy will consider, in good faith, any requests for extensions of time to pay or proposed payment plans on a case by case basis where supported by evidence of COVID-19 related financial hardship


Applications are due by 30 September 2020