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Over the past 15 years Local Buy has worked as a procurement consultant to Local Governments across Queensland.  In this role we have partnered with Councils to help them minimise their procurement risks through:

  • Improved Contract Management
  • Standard procurement documentation across Council
  • Evaluation of tenders and proposals that are not just price centric
  • Governance on request for quotation or low value purchases
  • Staff training in the use of Local Buy arrangements (including Vendor Panel)
  • Thorough engagement with the market and research conducted prior to purchase
  • Ensuring there isn't dependability on existing supplier relationships and there is engagement with other suppliers
  • Comprehensive and regular internal communication between procurement and other departments on how to procure based on council's procurement policy
  • Accurate recording and management of whole of life costs of goods purchased

Key benefits of using Local Buy Supply Arrangements

Reduce risk

  • Ensure compliance with Local Government Act
  • Reduce legal liability
  • Reduce risk of fraudulent or corrupt activity
  • Reduce risk of reputational damage

Save Time

  • Access more than 40 prequalified supplier arrangements
  • Save 16 weeks, based on an average construction project
  • Enable purchasing staff to focus

Save money

  • Competitive quotes, based on aggregated buying power
  • Cheaper for contractors - some have stated $5k - $20k per quote
  • Reduced staff costs

Improve quality of contracts

  • Customised agreements tailored for Local Government Queensland
  • Standard contracts terms and conditions understood by the market
  • Reduced number of variations/departures
  • Better understanding of contracts by staff
  • Quality control: 3rd party certification of WH&S, environmental, quality assurance

Improve Governance

  • Use quotes for specific jobs
  • Reduced contractor information required
  • Easier evaluation process
  • Shortlist and select suitable contractors and negotiate price, contingencies and time frames

What do our clients think?

Mead Perry Group Pty Ltd has been on Local Buy Preferred Supplier contract since 2007. Working under the Preferred Supplier arrangement has proven to be very beneficial for both our company and our clients.

Local Buy contracts allow our clients to access our services quickly and efficiently while meeting their probity and legislative obligations.  This saves them time and money and enhances the appeal of our business as a potential supplier.

We see the costs associated with Local Buy work as savings for our business and therefore do not pass these costs on to our clients. In fact, we consider the administrative cost savings of Local Buy contracts more than covers the contract fees we pay to them.

Scott Mead


Mead Perry Group

Access contracts and suppliers

Government organisations can access Local Buy arrangements at no cost.  Our Local Buy Contracts and Suppliers list is updated every fortnight.

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