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Why sell to Local Government?

Queensland councils are responsible for building and maintaining a large range of assets including roads, libraries, parks and gardens, leisure centres and waste facilities. In achieving this objective, Queensland local government entities spend approximately $12 billion on operating and capital expenditures and manage over $108 billion in total assets each year.

Goods and services accessed by Queensland councils each year include fuel, corporate wardrobe, pumps, sewer relining services, trucks, weighbridges and legal services.

Tender for an Arrangement

Our Arrangements open every quarter - February, May, August and November.


Why do government purchasers use Local Buy?

A contractual arrangement established by Local Buy enables councils and local government authorities to purchase a diverse range of goods and services from Local Buy suppliers without tendering.

While councils and local government authorities are not legally bound to use Local Buy’s services, purchasers using Local Buy arrangements save significant time and money and are fully compliant with the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012 in their procurement activities.

How do I market to councils?

The success of a Local Buy supplier rests on their ability and willingness to promote their business to councils and to offer high levels of service. Due to the competitive nature of gaining local government business, sustainable market share can only be achieved by building relationships with government organisations through personal representation, direct mail and media communications.

Local Buy arrangements offer suppliers:

  • Immediate recognition across council and other local and State government entities
  • Tender processes that are compliant with LG legislation
  • Purchasers do not need to complete a Request for Tender (RFT) separately before engaging your services
  • Engagement process is easier – fast, simple and more cost effective

What do our suppliers think?

“Mead Perry Group Pty Ltd has been on Local Buy Preferred Supplier contracts since 2007. Working under the Preferred Supplier arrangement has proven to be very beneficial for both our company and our clients.

Local Buy contracts allow our clients to access our services quickly and efficiently while meeting their probity and legislative obligations. This saves them time and money and enhances the appeal of our business as a potential supplier.

We see the costs associated with Local Buy work as a savings for our business and therefore do not pass these costs on to our clients. In fact, we consider the administrative cost savings of Local Buy contracts more than covers the contract fees we pay to them.”

Scott Mead
Mead Perry Group

“Forpark Australia is associated with Local Buy through the Open Spaces, Parks, Gardens & Playground Contract (BUS 244-0314). Being on this supplier list has given Forpark a significant volume of opportunities to quote to local councils requiring Park Infrastructure.

With an ever increasing number of councils utilising this contract, our job is made far easier as the contract terms, schedule of rates and other supplier obligations under the agreement do not change between our customers.”

Solo Fogg
Forkpark Australia

What happens if I am not a Local Buy supplier?

If your organisation is not a Local Buy supplier you can still work with government authorities, however they will need to request quotations (medium-sized contractual arrangement) or tender (large-sized contractual arrangement).

  • A medium-sized contractual arrangement is a contractual arrangement with a supplier that is expected to be worth, exclusive of GST, $15,000 or more but less than $200,000 in a financial year.

  • A large-sized contractual arrangement is a contractual arrangement with a supplier that is expected to be worth, exclusive of GST, $200,000 or more in a financial year.

For clarification please refer to the Local Government Regulation 2012 (Part 3 Default contracting procedures)

How are Local Buy arrangements established?

Local Buy is able to establish whether there is a need for an arrangement or a particular procurement service through our strong relationships with Local Government.

Our Tender Process details the specific approach.

Access contracts and suppliers

Government organisations can access Local Buy arrangements at no cost. Our Local Buy supplier list is updated every fortnight.

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Please contact us  if you would like to learn more about Local Buy supplier arrangements.