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Recruitment: Managed Service Providers (MSP) LB336


1st of December 2023, closing 15th of February 2024 (2.00pm AEST)


This Preferred Supplier Arrangement is for the provision of contingent workforce through a full end-to-end Neutral-Vendor or Master-Vendor Managed Service Provider service only, fully supported by VMS technology.

It is not intended for individual agencies who have the capability to provide temporary recruitment services. There will be another tender released in February 2024 for Temporary & Labour Hire staff which will better suit individual agencies.

As the local government procurement partner, we know that our buyers in Queensland councils need more support and better access to suppliers. And local suppliers need more work – now more than ever! Knowing this, we have invested heavily in technology, processes and resources to open Arrangements every quarter.

This initiative allows us to open our tenders every three months to invite more local suppliers to become pre-qualified. This initiative is an Australian first, possibly global first, advancement in procurement. Not only does it give local businesses more opportunities, but it helps councils get their work done quickly.

This initiative allows us to open our tenders every three months in:

opening on the 1st and closing on the 28th

opening on the 1st and closing on the 31st

opening on the 1st and closing on the 31st
opening on the 1st and closing on the 30th

PLEASE NOTE: If you are an existing supplier, you are NOT required to re-apply each time tenders open unless you would like to be appointed to a new Arrangement, or a new category within an Arrangement to which you are already appointed.

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November Open Tender Round 1st - 30th November 2023


Corporate Services & Equipment

  • Business Management & Consulting Services LB309
  • Event Equipment Hire Services LB294 
  • Event Management Services LB292
  • Financial Management Services LB310
  • Marketing, Media, Print Services & Promotional LB306 
  • Security Services, Equipment & Maintenance LB289
  • Stationery & Janitorial Supplies; Office Furniture, Machines & Equipment LB285 
  • Corporate Clothing, Workwear & PPE LB307 
  • People & Wellbeing Services (Human Resources) LB328
  • Recruitment Services - Permanent Staff LB297 
  • Training Services LB327

Engineering, Roads and Infrastructure

  • Engineering & Environmental Consultancy Services LB312
  • Road Furniture and Signage Products LB315
  • Traffic Management Services LB325

Fleet and Field Equipment

  • Bulk Fuels LB321
  • Bulk Fuel & Oil Storage Tanks & Dispensing Equipment LB324 
  • Fleet Charge Cards LB322 
  • Fleet Management Services LB281
  • Motor Vehicles and e-Mobility Vehicles LB320
  • Oils & Lubricants + AdBlue LB323
  • Plant & Equipment Dry Hire LB301
  • Spare Parts & Associated Services BUS268
  • Tractors, Mowers & General Powered Equipment LB282
  • Trailers, Tankers & Truck Bodies LB286
  • Tyres, Tube & Associated Services BUS276

ICT & Telecommunications

  • ICT Solutions, Products, Services and New Technologies LB308

Industrial Commodities & Services

  • Building & Construction Materials LB298
  • Electrical & Lighting Supplies LB299
  • General Hardware Supplies LB293 
  • Landscape, Gardening and Arboricultural Services LB305
  • Public Facilities, Parks and Amenities LB304
  • Quarry Products, Geo, Landscape (CQ) LBR291
  • Quarry Products, Geo, Landscape (FNQ) LBR288
  • Quarry Products, Geo, Landscape (NQ) LBR290
  • Quarry Products, Geo, Landscape (SEQ) LBR287
  • Sport and Recreational Facilities & Equipment LB303
  • Veterinary Services & Consumables LB319


  • Library Resources: Goods, Services & Associated Technologies LB284

Planning Asset and Project Management

  • Asset Management Services LB280
  • Chemical Supply BUS277
  • Legal Services LB311
  • Planning, Surveying, Design & Architectural Services LB335
  • Project Management Services (Civil Infrastructure) LB279

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