State Government

Access to Local Buy contracts

Local Buy prequalified contracts enable state government agencies to benefit from the aggregated purchasing power of Queensland councils.

State government clients are eligible to access more than 35 Local Buy contracts established for local governments in Queensland.

Local Buy Contracts and Suppliers cover a range of categories including ICT, goods and services, fleet, works and energy.

State government departments, a significant number of government owned corporations and approximately 80 statutory bodies, have sourced goods and/or services from one or more Local Buy contracts in the 12 months to March 2019.

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Access a large supply base

Access to Local Buy contracts allows state government clients to access supply arrangements that may not be available at state government level.

Local Buy’s contracts cater primarily to local government functions, as well as a geographically spread local government customer base with a focus on developing competitive local business and industry. 

Key benefits

Local Buy contracts enable state government agencies to reduce their procurement risks and save time and money, through access to over 1,000 prequalified suppliers under over 35 contacts. Improved contract quality and governance also are benefits of sourcing goods and services via Local Buy. All Local Buy contracts are established following a full open tender process.

Queensland procurement policy

Local Buy supports the Queensland Procurement Policy 2021 , which includes a focus on procurement in regional and remote Queensland.

Local Buy contracts are either preferred supplier arrangements or registers of pre-qualified suppliers. 

Both of these fall within the definition of ‘Common-use supply arrangement' under the Queensland Procurement Policy 2017.

Access contracts and suppliers

Government organisations can access Local Buy contracts and suppliers at no cost. 

Our Local Buy Contracts and Suppliers list is updated every fortnight.

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