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Each year Queensland local government entities spend approximately $12 billion on operating and capital expenditure and manage over $108 billion in total assets - that's a whole lot of buying power.

For the past fifteen years Local Buy has harnessed the collective buying power of Queensland councils to deliver value for its members.  Local Buy's core focus is to support Queensland councils to reduce the risk, time and costs associated with internal procurement processes.

Prequalified supplier arrangements

Owned by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ), Local Buy has also established more than 40 prequalified supplier arrangements for Councils since 2012.  This effectively means that Councils can access a range of goods and services through a quotation, rather than tender process, saving time and money.  These arrangements also provide suppliers an opportunity to partner and engage with Local Government entities through one centralised source.

Electronic tendering system

In addition to its prequalified supplier arrangements, Local Buy offers an electronic tendering system, an electronic request for quotation system and a managed tender service, whereby Councils can effectively outsource their tendering activities.  Local Buy can also act as a probity advisor on strategic or high risk procurements.

Our clients

Local Buy is committed to helping the following organsiations reduce the risk, time and costs associated with internal procurement processes:

  • Queensland local government
  • Queensland State government
  • Local government owned corporations
  • Local government in other jurisdictions
  • Statutory bodies
  • Universities
  • Federal government
  • Not-for-Profit organisations

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As a leader in the provision of procurement services to the whole of government, Local Buy continually looks for opportunities to provide our clients with innovative solutions based on their individual and combined needs.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the services we offer.