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Kathryn dalley

Kathryn Dalley

Manager Procurement Technology and Contracts Administration

Kathryn is responsible for working with and supporting Councils in the implementation of their Local Buy procurement technology and data analytics program and ongoing account management.  Kathryn works collaboratively with Local Buy’s technology partners to help deliver a seamless and efficient implementation process for our Council clients. Kathryn also delivers training, assists in change management and other activities to support Councils in utilising and maximising the full value of the technology program’s ecosystem across Council organisations.

Kathryn joined Local Buy from Queensland Government Procurement , bringing with her experience in state government category and contract management including government’s travel program and online booking platform.  Kathryn holds a degree in communication and is passionate about stakeholder engagement, delivering excellent customer service and delivering best customer outcomes.

Kathryn’s shares that the highlight in both her current and previous role is in supporting regional and remote Queensland communities by driving better outcomes for clients and suppliers, to ensure connectivity and the continued delivery of goods and services.