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Library Resources: Goods, Services & Associated Technologies
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Daniel O'Donnell
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0437 650 136
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The LB284 contract provides Queensland and Northern Territory councils and approved purchasers with access to a wide range of pre-qualified suppliers.  The streamlined procurement processes save time and money by allowing purchasers to manage their individual procurement requirements.

Local Buy works collaboratively with the Queensland Public Libraries Association (QPLA) to provide comprehensive and value-adding services. An agreed Memorandum of Understanding is in place where a percentage of sales driven by purchases under LB284 is returned to the Association for use in professional development and activities. 

A broad range of goods and services including standing and profile orders are available, as well as:

  • Books ( and Paperback) and Related Products and Accessories
  • Audio Visual, Online Goods, Multi-Media Materials and Related Products and Accessories
  • Library Display, Storage, Furniture and Related Products and Accessories
  • Library Design and Related Services
  • Associated Technologies 
    • Printing Management and Computer Booking Software
    • STEAM Technologies Robotics
    • Technology to Assist People with Disabilities 
    • Online Databases
    • RFID Technology / Systems and Services
  • Support Services to Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs) and Rural Libraries Queensland (RLQ)

Participating States

  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory
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