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Telecommunication Services
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1 x 36 months
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Daniel O'Donnell
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0437 650 136
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This arrangement is intended to provide councils in Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and the Northern Territory with continued effective access to telecomunication services.

The range of products and services available consists of two major groupings of Telecommunication Services:

  • Core Telecommunications
  • Ancillary Services

Each major grouping contains a number of Categories, detailed as follows:

Core Telecommunications

  • Fixed Voice Services – Base capability that provides day-to-day voice communications, including a range of typical telephony features & functions. Examples include PSTN/ISDN, IP Telephony, & associated CPE.
  • Mobile Services – Base capability that provides data and voice communications to and from mobile devices. Examples include services and capability that support mobile phones, smart devices, & mobile data devices & products.
  • Satellite Services – Equipment and services providing satellite data access from fixed locations. Examples include building / ground-mounted satellite data services, including related hardware.
  • Data Services – Fixed Data Services provide a private network connection for customer fixed sites to enable communication between sites, and the internet. The delivery mechanism can be via fixed or wireless technology. Can include IoT device network carriage.
  • Equipment & Supply Services- Any infrastructure or end-point devices that will operate in or across the core categories of Fixed Voice, Mobile Services, and Data Services. Examples can include mobile devices & accessories, customer premise equipment such as modems & routers, end-point telephony devices.

Ancillary Services

  • Managed WAN / SD-WAN - Technologies solutions and services for managing network infrastructure that connects to a Core Telecommunication carrier WAN.
  • Wi-Fi (LAN) - Infrastructure required to deliver wireless services within a corporate LAN environment. This is to encompass Access Points, Controllers and associated management applications.
  • Radio - All licensed and non-licensed point to point radio.
  • Broadcast Wi-Fi - Infrastructure to support public Wi-Fi deployment for Council and associated bodies. This includes all associated hardware such as towers, antennae, controllers and associated Wi-Fi applications.
  • Call / Contact Centre Technologies - solutions and services for call centre business units that are deemed a key customer interaction channel between a Council and public that interacts in their jurisdiction.
  • Enterprise Telephony & Unified Communications - Advanced capability that includes all voice and video features and functions and advanced services such as messaging, presence and collaboration.
  • Conferencing Services - Enhanced capability allowing the delivery of video, web and telephony conference solutions and services to a range of internal and external users and room-based devices. Includes implementation of Smart Meeting room solutions (whiteboard, data shows, etc).
  • Mobile Device Management - Advanced platforms and services that enable effective management of mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets etc).
  • Enterprise Messaging Systems - Advanced Messaging communication solutions and services to support and manage customer campaigns.
  • Cloud Services (Victoria Only) – consultancy services providing advice on how to best migrate & establish cloud services, including IaaS, PaaS, and similar services.
  • Project & Other Services - the supply of consulting services that are related to the acquisition, deployment or usage of other telecommunication products and services

Participating States

  • NPN (National Procurements Network)
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