Local Buy Supplier Update


Dear Local Buy Supplier
The COVID-19 events continue to challenge us all and we find ourselves progressively striving to find innovative and creative ways to ensure service continuity for our customers. 

As we are all relying more heavily on technology to meet these challenges, it is important that the name and contact details of the Local Buy primary contact within your organisation is current, particularly on our VendorPanel website.
This will ensure that you are included in relevant RFQ’s and other information relating to supply opportunities which are posted on the site by Purchasers.

You may also wish to check that you have suitable “colleagues” nominated on your VendorPanel site, to ensure adequate coverage during periods of absence or leave by the primary contact.  

If you require further technical assistance, contact VendorPanel Support on (03) 9095 6181 or via support@vendorpanel.com.au.

In these rapidly changing times, like all businesses, we are reviewing our processes as a matter of priority to assist suppliers and maximise your opportunities to service our customers.   

Thank you for your continued support and we will advise you of process changes in the very near future, in the meantime, could I suggest that you keep informed via our website and on LinkedIn.
Kind regards
Peter Mifsud
Chief Executive Officer