Use Local Buy contracts to help meet your council's recycling goals


With increasing pressure on councils to reduce waste and recycle more,  it is welcome news that councils can use Local Buy contracts to source goods and services to help meet their recycling goals and targets.

The full suite of Local Buy contracts is available to your council now.  They are easy to access and use via Local Buy's online procurement portal, VendorPanel.

You can find a list of Local Buy's contracts that are immediately accessible and examples of the recycling-related goods and services that can be sourced from the contracts below.

Local Buy supports councils' recycling efforts by:-

  • including in our contract specificaions the need for suppliers to support council's recycling efforts
  • encouraging suppliers to talk with councils about their environmental and recycling objectives
  • asking suppliers to demonstrate that they have a recycling program of their own and don't send materials to land fill.

Ask yourself, "Does my council buy these goods and services?  Are we buying them through the Local Buy contracts?"


  • Talk with your council's recycling program leader
  • Ensure council staff that buy recycling-related goods and services use the Local Buy contracts.
  • Include mention of the Local Buy contracts in your council's Recycling Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Circulate this information within your council.
  • Talk with Local Buy's Customer Relationship Managers

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North and Far North Qld

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Central Queensland

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Southern Queensland

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Catherine Mahoney

Tasmania & Northern Territory

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Local Buy contracts that councils can use to source recycling-related goods and services

Local Buy Contract

Examples of What’s available?

Advertising and Media Services (BUS 260-0417)

  • Campaign advertising, for example, ‘Recycling Week’ activities

Chemical Supply (BUS 277)

  • Chemicals for the treatment of wastewater for recycling

Engineering & Environmental (BUS 262)

  • Consultancy services relating to the treatment and recycling of wastewater and sewage e.g. Recycled Water Management Plans, hydrological and hydraulic modelling

Mobile Garbage Bins (NPN 1.11-3)

  • Recycling bins
  • Recycling of damaged or used bins
  • Recycling or buy-back program for damaged or used goods

Office Supplies (BUS


  • Recycled paper
  • Recycling of office products waste

Open Spaces, Parks, Play, Sport and Recreation (BUS 267)

  • Street and park furniture made from recycled materials
  • Recycled plastic bollards
  • Playground and sports facility surfaces made from recycled material
  • Walkways, bridges, fencing made from recycled materials
  • Environmental toilet systems (waterless, composting, etc.)

Pipes, Pipe Relining, Pumps, Water Meter (BUS 256-0416)

  • Pipes and fittings for recycled water facilities
  • Water meters to measure collection and reuse of recycled water

Plant, Machinery, Equipment (NPN 2.15)

  • Road resurfacing - In-situ stabilisers and recyclers (in-situ recycling and strengthening of existing surface rather than full depth surface replacement)
  • Mulchers and chippers for recycling green waste

Project Management Consultancy Services (BUS 254-1215)

  • Project management consultancy services for construction, maintenance and repair of water and sewage recycling plants, and other material recycling facilities

Road, Water, Sewerage and Civil Works (BUS 270)

  • Councils can specify the use of recycled materials or recycling of materials following demolition

Spare Parts and Associated Services (BUS 268)

  • Refurbishment or recycling of hard parts
  • Recycling of tyres, batteries and waste oil

Waste Collection (C002/11)

  • Kerbside Collection – including recycling, organics and green waste
  • Sorting and recycling of material collected during verge side collections
  • Recycling of collected litter