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The Australian Government’s regional Precincts and Partnerships Program (rPPP) offers non-competitive grant funding across two streams for the development and delivery of precincts that aim to deliver transformative investment in regional, rural and remote Australia.

STREAM 1 is aimed at Precinct development and planning. Grants from $500,000 to $5 million are available for master planning, consultation, design, business cases and partnership establishment.

STREAM 2  is aimed at Precinct delivery. Grants from $5 million to $50 million are available to deliver one or more elements of a precinct, including upgrades or extensions of existing infrastructure and new infrastructure.

The program is targeting projects located in renewal and growth areas in regional centres, regional corridors, regional cities, as well as smaller town centres that serve as service hubs in more remote communities. Regional precincts may include business districts, neighbourhoods, activity centres, commercial hubs or community and recreational areas.

Councils can apply for funding and if successful use the following Local Buy Arrangements for planning, development and delivery of precincts:

  • Building & Construction Materials - LB298
  • General Hardware Supplies - LB293
  • Landscape, Gardening and Arboricultural Services - LB305
  • Planning, Surveying, Design & Architectural Services - LB335
  • Public Facilities, Parks and Amenities - LB304
  • Road, Water, Sewerage & Civil Works - BUS270
  • Sport and Recreational Facilities & Equipment - LB303
  • Engineering and Environmental Consultancy Services - LB312
  • Project Management Services (Civil Infrastructure) - LB279
  • Asset Management Services – LB280
  • Business Management & Consulting Services – LB309 (for business cases and partnership design)
  • Legal Services – LB311 (for partnership design, construction contracts)
  • Quarry Products arrangements (LBR287 (SEQ) | LBR288 (FNQ) | LBR290 (NQ) | LBR291 (CQ))

The program focuses on projects with a strong collaborative partnership approach, bringing together governments and communities to deliver regional precincts that are tailored to local needs. The program seeks to provide benefits related to productivity, equity and resilience. As well as contribute to the Australian Government’s current policy priorities, including but not limited to Closing the Gap, transition to a net zero economy, Australia’s emission reduction goals, social and affordable housing, and National Cultural Policy.

The Government has allocated $400 million to the RPPP over three years, with $100 million available for 2023-24, and $150 million for each of 2024-25 and 2025-26. Up to 100% funding of eligible expenditure is available across both streams.

For more information on this grant and how to apply visit:

To find out more about these specific Arrangements contact:

Engineering, Roads & Infrastructure

Pat McCormack

Industrial Commodities & Services

Nicole Windley

Planning, Assets and Project Management

Debbie Spann

$400 million rPPP (October 2023)