Chemical Supply BUS277 Contract Available for Use


Local Buy's Chemical Supply BUS277 contract provides Queensland and Tasmanian councils and approved purchasers with access to 13 prequalified suppliers with the capacity to delivery their chemical requirements at a competitive rate.

The arrangement provides a streamlined procurement process, allowing purchasers to obtain competitive pricing from competent, reliable suppliers through a select Request for Quote rather than an open tender or engagement resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Suppliers can provide their full range of chemical products and associated services in the following categories:

  • Water and Waste Treatment Chemicals
  • Agricultural Chemicals and Fertilisers
  • Chemical Hardware and Technology
  • Chemical Testing, Training and Compliance

Chemical pricing is heavily dependent on the Purchaser’s quantity and delivery requirements.  Purchasers can obtain accurate, competitive rates for their chemical requirements by releasing a detailed Request for Quote to their selected suppliers through VendorPanel.

For further information on this contract contact Category Manager Works Pat McCormack on (07) 3000 2135.