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By Aldous Stirling, Senior Procurement Officer

With the introduction of six new Arrangements hitting the market and the continuation of the regular release of previous Arrangements, the team have seen a healthy uptake of suppliers wanting to become pre-qualified with an encouraging number of applications received – 984 in a one-month period!

Farewell to Road, Water Sewerage & Civil Works BUS270

Following on from the critical success of our Road, Water Sewerage & Civil BUS270 Arrangement which came to an end of its lifespan as of the 30th of June 2024. Local Buy was faced with the challenge to revolutionise the Civil Infrastructure space for councils whilst promoting the ease of use for potential new suppliers to revitalise the industry.  

The solution resulted in two separate Arrangements being created. The thought behind departmentalising this into each entity was to ensure ease of use for both the suppliers and purchasers resulting in a functional and diverse breakdown of categories to create a more simplified procurement experience. 

Below are the arrangements that replaced BUS270 as of February:

  • Road and General Civil Construction and Maintenance Services – LB313
  • Water, Sewerage and Stormwater Infrastructure– LB314

Combined for the round of February we have compiled a total of 338 suppliers for the above two new Arrangements who have shown great interest in these areas and offer a viable solution to local government requirements. 

Also departing the infrastructure space is Water and Sewage Products LB283, this will see the newly created Water, Sewage and Stormwater Products LB316 takes its place to provide a wider solution and to highlight the need for an ever-growing industry that have transitioned to a more sustainable, solution focused mentality to long-term projects.  

Open Arrangements – Foreword on May

The May round is shaping up to be an interesting development within the Arrangement space, we look to improve upon our market within the Chemical industry with our new Chemical Supply LB337 Arrangement. The new Civil and Infrastructure Arrangements will be available for new suppliers, broadening our scope of diversity within the market and will transition some Arrangements out of the market. Below you can find a list of Arrangements that are new to the market or refreshing for the first time. 

New in May:Open Arrangements (May 2024) GIF

  • Chemical Supply – LB337

First refresh since becoming active:

  • Building and Construction – Commercial (including Fit-Out and Demolition) - LB329
  • Building and Construction (Residential) - LB331
  • Recruitment: Temporary and Labour Hire Services - LB334
  • Roads and General Civil Construction and Maintenance Services - LB313
  • Water, Sewerage and Stormwater Infrastructure - LB314
  • Water, Sewerage and Stormwater Products - LB316

Local Buy’s open Arrangement rounds will be expecting a large uptake of highly valuable suppliers throughout the month of May. We will be working hard with suppliers to ensure their journey with Local Buy is as efficient as possible throughout the process and to ensure they’re as prepared as possible for future engagement with potential buyers through Local Buy. 


Arrangements update_May 2024