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By Isobel Czislowski, Tenders and Contracts Administrator

May Arrangements Round

On May 1st, Local Buy released its second round of Arrangements refreshes for 2024. 

This round saw a total of 568 tenders submitted. This healthy uptake builds upon what has already been an impressive year of new supplier onboarding.

The February refresh of existing Arrangements, which were released alongside six brand new Arrangements, saw a whopping 984 applications to become pre-qualified Local Buy suppliers in a one-month period. The team has been working tirelessly to appoint and approve the successful suppliers from this mammoth month! We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we continue to approve the handful of remaining suppliers.

The commencement of the much-anticipated Recruitment Managed Services Providers Arrangement (LB336) also featured in late May. Four prominent recruitment specialists have been successful in joining this Arrangement, bringing with them levels of expertise and quality services that will benefit the local government industry. Local Buy welcomes LGAT and LGANT on joining this arrangement. 

New Arrangements – June 

With June heralding a new season, so too did it see the beginning of two new Arrangements.

Replacing existing Arrangements BUS276 and BUS268, which due to expire on the 30th of August 2024, the new LB317 Tyres, Wheels, and Associated Services and LB318 Spare Parts and Associated Services have been released to market. These historically successful Arrangements have been offered to all States and Territories and are set to keep the Fleets around the country humming along.

June Foreword 

As the May round of Arrangements closed, the focus now shifts to evaluating all responses received.

At the forefront of our procurement activities and processes is probity and transparency. Our team of qualified Evaluators and external professionals ensure that all dealings during this evaluation period are done so openly and fairly. This builds trust amongst our suppliers and buyers whilst ensuring that Local Buy upholds the Regulations by which we abide. 

Arrangements Update (LB News - June 2024)