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As published in The de Brenni Digest on 26 July 2024

The Miles Government is teaming up with Local Buy to launch a game-changing online procurement platform, powered by VendorPanel.

This innovative one-stop shop is set to revolutionize the way suppliers and government buyers connect.

With the new platform, suppliers can now register and instantly increase their visibility to potential buyers, gaining access to procurement opportunities across both state and local governments.

"This is a great example of our two levels of government working together to make life easier for companies in the way they conduct business with us" - Premier Steven Miles

The streamlined procurement platform simplifies the supplier experience by consolidating the publication of tender information. This reduces the time required to discover opportunities and reduces the costs associated with securing government contracts. The joint procurement solution, powered by the VendorPanel platform, is delivered through a nation leading partnership between the Queensland Government and Local Buy Pty Ltd, the peak procurement body of the Local Government Association of Queensland.

"We’ve been working closely with Local Buy to get to this day, ensuring the system supports our focus on jobs, economy and legacy, while providing confidence that the solution and its procurement system is robust and appropriate."

It provides a single hub where suppliers can receive notifications and information about government tenders, and a supplier marketplace for buyers to search for suppliers based on the products and services they offer.

For government, the new platform means better supporting systems for the Queensland Procurement Policy – Buy Queensland 2023, increased quality data, more information on the overall supplier market and greater efficiency.

“Local Buy has a track record of working well for both councils and suppliers. It is terrific that it is being expanded and offering a gateway for businesses all across Queensland, to secure even more work" - LGAQ President Mark Jamieson

Government buyers can now better target suppliers that align with the Queensland Procurement Policy.

Already a pre-qualified Local Buy supplier? Great! No need for further action. You will continue to be accessible to local and state government buyers on the same platform on VendorPanel.

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