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Local Buy in coordination with WALGA went to tender for the provision of Waste Collection Goods and Services C002/11 for Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Following a comprehensive review of the existing WALGA contract C002/11, it was agreed that a market refresh Request for Tender (RFT) be undertaken with a view to achieving the following outcomes:

  • Facilitate access for QLD and NT Local Government sectors;
  • An expanded panel to capture recent changes in the WA Waste Services market;
  • Capture additional categories of supply;
  • Leverage the benefits of multiple sector aggregation; and
  • The introduction of a refreshed set up Waste Services Specific Conditions of Contract.

A comprehensive market and sector engagement process was undertaken in Queensland to ensure the market and Local Governments understood the PSA (Preferred Supplier Arrangement) concept and informing them of the intended approach. Whilst the WA market was well understood, Local Governments in QLD and NT were asked to identify their preferred suppliers including regional and encourage these suppliers to register for and respond to the refresh RFT process.

A total of 33 responses, which included six (6) responses relative to the Residential Kerbside Collection Services category (already evaluated and awarded), and five (5) responses from existing panellists on C002/11 when the RFT closed. Responses were then then reviewed by a panel of four (4) evaluators, including representatives from WALGA Business Solutions, WALGA’s Environment and Waste Policy Team, and from Local Buy. From the qualitative evaluation process, thirteen (13) suppliers were shortlisted, due diligence checks including references and Corporate Scorecard are currently being undertaken.

At the conclusion of the evaluation process, WALGA and Local Buy recommends the thirteen (13) shortlisted suppliers be admitted to the Waste Collection Goods and Services preferred supply arrangement, C002/11 across various categories subject to contract signature, successful negotiation of any contract departures (where applicable), satisfactory reference checks and Corporate Scorecard assessments.

The categories of supply are now:

  • Domestic Kerbside Waste, Recycling and Green Waste Collection Service;
  • Commercial Kerbside Waste and Recycling Collection Service;
  • Waste Collections from Public Place Bins and Reserves;
  • Verge Collection Services;
  • Community Public Events Waste and Recycling Collection;
  • Disposal of Waste;
  • Transfer Station and Landfill Management Services;
  • Waste Related Communication - Customer Service Centre Provision and Waste Education Services;
  • Littering and Illegal Dumping Collection and Recycling/Disposal;
  • Reuse Shop Operation and Management; and
  • Supply and Installation of Weighbridge Equipment and Software.

For additional information on the appointed suppliers, please contact Local Buy’s Category Manager Shane Grimstone on

Waste collection goods and services new tendered arrangement