BUS242 Civil Works: Roads, Bridges & Resurfacing Arrangement


Road resurfacingLocal Buy designs its purchasing arrangements to ensure they are relevant to the needs of all Queensland councils and our other purchasers.  The arrangements are practical and useful for the broad range of applications that our many client organisations have.

The BUS242 Civil Works: Roads, Bridges & Resurfacing arrangement was designed by Local Buy to cater for the road & bridge construction & maintenance needs of Queensland councils.  A look through the list of almost 500 project Requests for Quote (RFQ) that have been issued under this arrangement include many projects for road, bridge and footpath resurfacing and construction, bitumen and asphalt supply, and other civil construction projects.

There are a few projects however, that stand out from the crowd and highlight the range of works carried out by our Queensland councils, including a cemetery memorial wall, aerodrome pavement investigation & runway resurfacing and constructions of flood detention basins and a lake.

The arrangement allows all purchasers to complete their civil works through a streamlined RFQ process instead of a public tender, no matter what the value of the works.  A full suite of construction contracts is applicable and has been agreed to by the almost 100 appointed suppliers.

If you have a project that doesn’t fit the usual mould and are wondering if Local Buy has a solution, please contact Pat McCormack, Local Buy’s Category Manager Works:


0447 083 438