Local Buy Is Committed To Supporting Your Council And Local Businesses Through COVID-19


We are committed to supporting you and local businesses during this difficult time.

Through our COVID-19 support package, we are investing significantly in order to ensure that we support your council and local businesses through several initiatives:

  • Small and Regional Business’ Support Package
  • Grow Local initiative
  • Nex Gen build
  • Mass Panel Refresh

We are helping those potentially impacted the most with our Small and Regional Business’ Support Package. As part of this support, eligible small businesses will receive financial relief through waiving the first-year administration fee and receiving a credit for rebates in Q1 of the 2021 financial year.  

Under our Grow Local initiative, this support will be extended to new suppliers where the first-year administration fee will be waived for those who enter a new arrangement.

We are also focused on connecting you with your local businesses during this difficult time so that they can supply the goods and services you need, sooner and through a process that is easier for all.

We are continuing our Nex Gen build to ensure we have a procurement solution, support and data that will enable you to make informed procurement decisions. The team is ready to engage with early adopters who may be able to cope with a COVID-19 (generally virtual) implementation.

Lastly, we are working hard to broaden your available supplier-base focusing on establishing localisation and diversification through our Mass Panel Refresh. This will be commencing on the 16 of May and you and your teams will be seeing more information on this shortly. 

Through this process Local Buy is looking to add thousands of new small and regional suppliers to our panels to support local government in Queensland.

You will see a Local Buy campaign running over the coming weeks to help make this possible. The campaign will also give you the opportunity to connect with the business community.

It’s more important than ever to support local businesses and we are committed to making that easy for you. We support local businesses across all industries, providing all goods and services and we have contracts already in place for you to use.  

We work as an extension of your team, saving you time, money, and the need to develop your own procurement process. We manage the vetting process for you ensuring that suppliers meet local government legislation and your detailed requirements. 

We look forward to partnering with council and helping our local businesses get through this tough time.
Should you wish to discuss any of the above matters, please reach out to Local Buy on enquiry@localbuy.net.au or (07) 3000 2115.