Local Buy Connection - an upcoming webinar


Local Buy Connection: how will we continue to support you and your suppliers through these challenging economic times?

We are all currently experiencing unprecedented times, in our personal lives, within our local communities, and across the globe.

As we settle into a new norm we are all seeking ways to be able to get back to our usual business and a key part of that is enabling our councils to connect with their local suppliers to stimulate the local economy (while managing risk, cost, value and probity). 

As your procurement services provider, we have been focusing on how we can best enable you and your local supplier to connect.

To ensure you keep connected to Local Buy, Peter Mifsud, CEO of Local Buy, will be providing an update across:

  • Nex Gen: what does this mean to the project and for council?
  • Contracts or Panels: how are we ensuring they have the local suppliers you need as you seek to invest in regeneration of your local economy?
  • Local Buy Probity, Procurement and Training: what other services are available to assist you in to get critical projects, program and tasks completed? And to assist in keeping your team focused and enabled.

With the recent COVID-19 crisis, travel limitations and new social distancing rules, we will be holding this connection as a webinar! The webinar will be:

Date:                     1 May 2020
Time:                     10:00am
Location:               virtually

Please confirm your attendance by registering your interest in this webinar.  Once you have done that we will be sending an invite to lock in the time, and provide you with access to the virtual meeting room (accessible via any device). Also, feel free to send this to your broader team, colleagues or anyone in council you believe would be interested in this connection