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# Agreement Name Agreement Number Current Expiry Date Extension Options Remaining Status Category Manager
1 Library Goods, Services and Technologies LB338
2 Chemical Supply LB337 Nicole Windley
3 Retail Electricity Services - Street Lighting (unmetered) Large and Small Sites (metered) BUS275 31/07/2025 Current Mike Fideli
4 Trucks, Buses, Specialised Trucks, Truck Bodies and Trailers NPN 1.23 Shane Grimstone
5 Spare Parts and Associated Services (LB318) NEW ARRANGEMENT (opening soon) Shane Grimstone
6 Tyres, Tubes and Associated Services LB317 NEW Arrangement (opening soon) Shane Grimstone
7 Water, Sewerage, Stormwater Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance LB314 Debbie Spann
8 Road and General Civil Construction and Maintenance Services LB313 30/06/2033 Debbie Spann
9 Building & Construction - Residential LB331 Debbie Spann
10 Building & Construction - Commercial (Including Fit-Out and Demolition) LB329 Current Debbie Spann
11 Water, Sewerage and Stormwater Products LB316 Debbie Spann
12 Telecommunication Services NPN1.18 30/04/2025 1 x 36 months Current Daniel O'Donnell
13 Trailers, Tankers & Truck Bodies LB286 29/09/2024 10 months and 16 days Current Shane Grimstone
14 Mobile Garbage Bins (MGB’s), Industrial Container & Bins, Static Compactors, Associated Products & Services NPN1.11-4 31/08/2023 2 x 12 months Current Nicole Windley
15 Recruitment: Temporary and Labour Hire LB334 30 April 2027 2 x 36 month extensions Current Michael Franzmann