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3G Network Decommissioning

Amid the current emphasis on the expansion and advancement of 5G networks, it's vital to recognise that certain rural and remote areas in Queensland have only recently gained access to the 3G network and understand the subsequent impacts when telcos decommission 3G in 2024.

While the focus shifts to newer technologies, it's important to acknowledge the impending impact on various older devices and infrastructure that rely on 3G connectivity. This will render these devices incapable of making or receiving calls, texts, or using data services, including emergency calls to 000.

These devices include:

  • GPS and fleet tracking
  • medical devices,
  • older phones,
  • some smartwatches,
  • vehicle SOS services,
  • security systems, and,
  • an array of connected products will be adversely affected by the discontinuation of 3G.

Some councils may not be aware of the ramifications of the shut down of the 3G network. To prevent service disruption, councils reliant on this technology will need to upgrade their devices before the complete shutdown of 3G in 2024.

We're here to help

Local Buy has two dedicated Arrangements to assist councils with the procurement of telecommunications, telecom products, GPS / fleet management tracking, and services as well as major infrastructure. Download Brochures
The NPN1.18 Telecommunications Panel has many options across numerous suppliers that will be able to assist with your transition from 3G. Some of the pre-qualified suppliers that can assist offer councils the same or better pricing that could be obtained from a State Government alternative panel. TELECOMMUNICATIONS BROCHURE 
The Fleet Management Services Panel LB281 consists of 40 pre-qualified suppliers ready to provide a RFQ. Using a Local Buy Arrangement to procure,  negates the need to perform a full and open tender even if the activity is over $200,000. FLEET MANAGEMENT BROCHURE

For more information please contact our Category Managers:

Shane Grimstone, Category Manager - Fleet and Field Equipment,

Daniel O'Donnell, Category Manager - Telecommunications & Libraries, 

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