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Two new Arrangements (LB313 and LB 314) will replace the expiring Arrangement BUS270.

The current Road, Water, Sewerage & Civil Works Arrangement (BUS270) will expire on 30th June 2024 and there are no additional extension options available.

This means if you are an existing pre-qualified supplier on Arrangement BUS270, you must respond to the new Tenders to seek appointment to the new Arrangements.

We developed these two new Arrangements in response to council feedback, separating the Road Construction element from Water & Sewerage in line with the structure of most Council Works Departments. 

The two new arrangements will be:

  • LB313 Road & Civil Construction
  • LB314 Water, Sewerage and Stormwater Infrastructure

Watch our webinar with Pat McCormack, Category Manager and Emma Peters, Senior Manager Stakeholder Engagement, talk about Local Buy, it’s place in Local Government Procurement and cover off the essential information you need to know about the two new arrangements.

NEW Arrangements - OPEN FOR TENDER!

LB313 Roads & General Civil Construction


LB314 Water, Sewerage & Stormwater Infrastructure


For more information contact Pat McCormack via email or phone 0447 083 438.

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